Docker for Windows

Docker for Windows - Networking Tips and Tricks

Following on from my previous post outlining some General Docker Tips and Tricks this post covers some of the networking issues I have experienced and how I managed to fix this. I imagine this post will be a work in progress as I definitely have a lot still to learn when it comes to Docker networks. There are some very useful guides to networking, including the general Docker networking documentation and the Docker for Windows...

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Docker Settings

Docker for Windows - General Tips and Tricks

I have been playing with Docker for Windows a lot recently and I can see how much potential it has to change the development process. Now with .NET Core v2.0 being released and Docker coming out of beta, it seems like this is finally coming of age! However along the way I have also run into various issues with networking or permissions, sometimes more than once, so in this post I am keeping a list...

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Moving Android SDK and Xamarin files to a different drive

Moving Android files to a different drive after installing Xamarin

If you are a .NET developer using Visual Studio and looking to build Android apps then Xamarin is fantastic. Visual Studio does a great job of installing all the necessary SDK’s, components and emulators needed to get started. However after installing Xamarin for Visual Studio you may notice you now have a lot less disk space. If like me you struggle with spae on your C drive then the good news is that it is...

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Associate MuleSoft Developer 3.7

I am now an Associate MuleSoft Developer!

Just a quick post to mark the date. After recently completing a 4 day Mulesoft Anypoint Platform Essentials 3.7 training course I finally got around to taking the exam. After scoring 91.4% in the exam I am now officially an Associate MuleSoft Developer! So expect some posts on this subject soon.

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