Create a TeamCity build step to execute our script

Automating Xamarin iOS Builds with TeamCity in 4 Easy Steps

We use TeamCity to build all of our projects, so the first thing I wanted to do when starting out with Xamarin was create a solid build pipeline for our mobile apps. Ideally when working with Xamarin you want exactly the same flexibility we have got used to when building websites, namely: As soon as code is checked into Team Foundation Server (TFS) a build is kicked off. As part of this build process all...

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Common pitfalls running your asp.net site in HTTPS behind a load balancer

If you’ve installed your SSL certificates on the load balancer to offload the decryption processing and boost the performance of your web servers then it’s possible that this will change subtle details in the traffic being sent onwards to your web servers. This may not cause any issues, but occasionally it will catch you out. Here are some of the common pitfalls I have experienced (so far) ##Are You Missing IIS Client IP Addresses?## One...

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Web.Config transforms applied to our App.Config

How to manually create App.Config transforms in 3 easy steps

For this example we will assume that we are adding a transform for a configuration called PROD.  Step 1. Create a new empty config file using the same naming conventions as web.config files follow. So for our example we would create a new file alongside the app.config called app.PROD.config. Step 2 Edit the project file to include the new file. To do this you first need to right click on the project and select "Unload...

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