Boot Manager

Building my development machine from a script with Chocolatey and BoxStarter

So it’s that time of year again; you are starting to realise that your Windows machine is running more slowly than it used to. At least you think so, but is it enough to overcome the feeling of dread at the thought of repaving your machine? It’s because you know that you will never be able to remember the complete list of software & tools or the custom windows settings that you’ve acquired over time....

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Boot Manager

Managing Development Machine Builds

It can take a long time to get your development machine just right, to get just the tools you need and nothing more. It’s usually the point in time just before things start to become flaky - you know, when your wi-fi doesn’t always connect properly or you start having issues connecting to a projector for no apparent reason. Even if this doesn’t happen, give it a year and Windows will just start to feel...

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Test Automation

Planning a test automation strategy

DevOps and Continuous Deployment are important trends in allowing your business to react and adapt to meet the needs of your customers. However, in my experience, it’s common to see teams that have automated their build and deployment process only to find that they are not able to test releases quickly enough. But that’s ok, an important part of DevOps is identifying your bottlenecks and improving on them one by one. It’s important to plan...

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Jekyll static site generator

Building My Blog With Jekyll Ruby and Github Pages

I remember one of the first ever ASP.NET projects I worked on, we were tasked with rebuilding a website for a company whose site was published as static HTML files. After editing their content in a CMS tool and hitting publish it would generate the entire site as a load of html files, doing the processing up front and then FTPing them all over to their hosting site. Surely replacing this with a nice new...

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Robert Bird

Hi I'm Rob - welcome to my blog!

I love developing and shipping software, I also love to learn. This blog is my journal, a place to record the trials and tribulations as I learn new technologies and techniques.


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